In the Spreadsheet applications the Macros are a great way to automate tasks; LibreOffice Calc is the best alternative for the users of FOSS which is equally effective to Microsoft Excel. Macros are written in a noob-friendly language and it is the best thing about it and called Basic. Basic is designed in such a… Read Article →

Hard drive is storage device used in computers and laptops to store large files and folders in a secured way. It is used to save program files as well as application files. Yet there are many reasons responsible for data loss from RAW hard drive. Some of human errors are improper data transfer, accidental formatting,… Read Article →

For instance assume that you have lost some of your precious photos which you had preserved with much care. It is apparent that you will feel unhappy about this terrible event, but do not worry as there are probabilities that you can get back all the deleted or lost photos. This can be achieved by… Read Article →

Did you remember the times when we calibrate our monitor using its front panel keys? Such a tuning was almost necessary during those situations since there were not many software tools or utilities to support that. But, now things has changed. Modern operating systems by default have the option for display calibration. You want to… Read Article →

External hard drives are most commonly used to save various types of data because of its size, great performance with high speed data transfer rate, durability and compatibility. People can store various types of data such as pictures, audio, documents, compressed files, videos, applications, etc. The most important think about external hard drives are there… Read Article →

Data loss is such a worst situation for anyone, especially when you save your data in your hard drive and you also maintain backup of those files in other storage device. But when you loss data from hard drive due to intentional/ accidental formatting of HDD and find that your backup data also lost due… Read Article →

Microsoft Office Outlook is a mail storage manager which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Outlook is nothing but the personal information management program and is one of the most reliable applications which is utilized for sending, receiving, organizing, stores attributes like calendar and contacts entries. All these data items are saved in the .pst files… Read Article →

Have you ever been noticed that you can browse your mobile file system on Android Marshmallow without downloading a separate Application? Are you habituated to micromanaging your files on your computer and wishing for the built-in file manager on smart phones. But lack of this file manager feature will hurt a lot. The only question… Read Article →

Recover My Photo is the excellent recovery application that works on different versions of Macintosh operating system used to retrieve deleted photos from Photo Booth. This effective recovery tool scans your entire system with the help of advanced scanning algorithm and then it provides to preview all the deleted Mac files before saving them. It… Read Article →

Partition is a small part of hard drive, which creates to store files separately and organized ways. In Mac, hard drive partitions are known as volumes. The main intention of creating partitions is to separate different categories of files stored on a hard drive for user convenience. With the help of this, one can easily… Read Article →

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